Agro - Allied activity


A Farmer has lots of time to spare; having limited resources makes him pessimistic. Only resource mobilization would help out, and that's what Bhagirath gram does. There are immense opportunities which can be explored and used as a rung to grow. Keeping this in mind our team had implemented various schemes which will not only empower rural India, but also make it self reliant..

Poultry Farm

Normally, a poultry farm requires large space and a big set up. The pratishthan team tried, tested and came up with a unique solution of setting up poultry shade in the backyard of own house, rearing the local breed of hens that would require less investment and get easy market. Systematic training is provided to the individuals along with support. A proper design has been framed to maintain hygiene in the surroundings. One unit can produce approximate one lakh per annum and till date, more than 50 such units have been set up.

Goat Rearing

Goat rearing is another beneficial business for a rural family, which requires no extra cost but a good return. A unit of goat rearing can fetch approximately Rs 75,000 per annum. Bhagirath Gram has set up 50 units in three villages.


Dairy Farming

Rearing the cattle of best breed adaptable to the climate gives ample milk. A complete channel has been set up, where in milk is collected and transported ahead. Co-operative dairy farming presently has a turnover of Rs 10 lakh per annum. Many individuals are benefited from this and getting extra earnings.