A healthy family will formulate a healthy village. Health should always be on the priority list for any organisation working in urban areas. The Pratishthan has maintained uniqueness in every activity. Regular de-worming vaccines are given to people under medical supervision. Rural women are much prone to anaemia. The regular haemoglobin test is done for women. Also, medical surveys are conducted at regular intervals.

The founder of this organisation is a medical practitioner. The other two members are also from the same field. They started working on anaemia in women and girls. They not only taught them to check the levels of anaemia but also provided simple nutritional as well as medical support. They formed controlled groups and monitored them periodically. This activity has given positive results and the Organization has not formed many SHG's in this area. We have provided training support to them. We have also helped them to get credit facility through banks.

BGP is conducting anemia hatao campaign at school level where we help them to understand the balanced diet. For this purpose, they have provided hens to 50 students in a school with an idea that the students will eat eggs regularly.

We are monitoring this project currently. On the basis of results of this project, we may expand this activity.