How We Do It


Bhagirath Gram Vikas Pratishthan (BGP) works for the upliftment of farmer families in the Sindhudurga districts of the Indian state of Maharashtra.

BGP enters into a particular village or a family and does an assessment of available agricultural and natural resources. The volunteers of BGP assess the financial status and activities of that particular farmer family and suggest them how and what they can do along with their current source of income.

The monitoring on behalf of BGP doesn’t stop here! Along with suggestions, volunteers organise various training programs for the farmer families. The topics covered are on different activities that are supportive to farming. This helps the family to create an earning source, other than only farming activity.

These training programs are the USP of the Bhagirath Gram Vikas Pratishthan.

• The training imparted is completely scientific and applicable to our socio- geographical conditions.

• Time to time we invite subject experts.

• Bhagirath volunteers make sure that training imparted is reaching properly to the trainees.

Even now the work is not over. With the help of “Sindhudurga District Cooperative Bank”, we facilitate a loan to the families. During loan approval phase, we make sure that the family is trust worthy and able to repay the loan with decided rate of interest in time. So far we are able to create a good trust in bank officials that a loan application from our reference is passed without many hassles. We regularly follow up of all beneficiaries with the help of our dedicated team. In the case of any issue, we immediately address it.

So far we have reached to more than 5000 families from more than 15 villages with this modus Operandi.