Real life stories


Poultry -

Mr. Madhukar Kande approached us with the intention of starting a poultry farm in Humras village in Kudal tehsil. With the help of scientific training provided by Bhagirath team, he started his own poultry. He bought chickens of newly developed species, took proper knowledge of how to take care and improve the quality. As of now over 1 lakh birds have been sold out. Mr. Madhukar manages this entire process. Over and above his own business, he is also helping other farmers in this business. About 100 farmers are working under him in this business. Few self help groups are also benefitted through him.

Piggery -

Kudal being on the border of Maharashtra and Goa, there is an opportunity for piggery business. Mr. Vijay Sawant decided to cash this opportunity. He came to Bhagirath for piggery business. We facilitated his education in Satara veterinary college. With the help from Bhagirath he also got loan from district bank and he started his own piggery. As on today he has total 20 animals comprising of both males and females. He manages to make net profit of Rs. 100000 annually. The scat of animals is also used in biogas and for organic manures, adding more to family’s profit. The noteworthy aspect about Mr. Sawant is that earlier he used to work in Mumbai in some factory. And now he is earning more here in his own village than he used to earn in his job in Mumbai.

New age farming -

Mr. Mangesh Rane is a good example for people interested in green career. In his small piece of land with the use of rotating crop pattern and new age farming techniques he is doing extremely well in farming. With the help of continuous training from Team Bhagirath he is producing vegetables good enough to sell. He is so well established in his business that recently he bought his own transport vehicle. Along with this he is also helping other farmers with knowledge he has over the period of time.

Bag business -

Mrs. Dhanashri Ghadi and Mrs. Savita Thakur started their own rexine bag business after they took training from Bhagirath centre. They create 500 to 600 bags per year. The bags range from school bags to office bags. From officers in Konkan railway till next door students all are their customers. People are very happy with the quality of the bags.

Milk Business -

Mrs. Namrata from Pinguli village started dairy business, taking loan against her gold jewellery. Bhagirath helped her with training and also facilitated loan from District Bank, freeing her jewellery. She has now 8 cows. She regularly supply milk to Gokul dairy. She also has installed biogas at her home. Cow dung of these cattles provides good enough biogas to cook for family of 8 people.

Jalswarajya -

World bank is supporting Jalswarajya projects in all over India. Mr. Mahesh Varang from Humras, with the help of team Bhagirath led the Jalswarajya project in Humras. Because of his leadership now more than 300 families are getting good drinking water. The entire project was of Rs. 58 Lakhs.

Ganesh idol workshop -

Mr. Anand Haldankar is an artist, wanting to start of Ganesh idol business. Bhagirath facilitated loan from Bank of India. He took loan of Rs. 1 Lakh and paid back in two years. He sold 350 idols last year. Now he is planning to expand his workshop.

Biogas carpenter -

Mr. Santosh Zarapkar is one of the great success stories when it comes to income generation from Biogas. He learnt how to build Biogas units in Bhagirath 5 years back. As of now he has installed biogas in more than 500 homes. Now he also work with Bhagirath as a master trainer in Biogas. He earns about Rs. 100000 from building and maintaning biogas.

Cycle project -

Solar lamp-

Bhagirth team noticed people staying in tents on the sides of the road. These are Lamanis who come here for work. These people stay for about 6 to 8 months. Since they don’t have a concrete structure to house, they are deprived of electricity; affecting their lives. We at Bhagirath provided them with solar lamps. As of now over 90 homes of Lamanis are equipped with Solar lamps.