Women empowerment


Along with the main earner of the family, his companion of life is also equally important. Women of the villages were lacking confidence despite having skills. Bhagirath team understood the need and gave a small push to women so that they can contribute to their families financially as well. There was self-help group already formed but members were not together. Bhagirath brought them together and provided training of agro-allied activities such as poultry, dairy. Along with agro-allied activities, Bhagirath also provided them with the training of household businesses such as tailoring, homemade packed food business. We facilitated loans to the enthusiastic women for such business.

As a result of our efforts about 85 self-help groups got a rebirth and now functioning smoothly. Many of the women are now independent entrepreneurs in the businesses of tailoring, packed food. And most importantly the confidence of many women is increased.

The other issues with women were health. Many of the women in the area didn’t even know that they are suffering major issues such as anaemia.

We undertook “Anemia Hatav scheme” under which we diagnosed anaemia and other medical issues with women. Under the scheme so far we have checked and treated more than 300 women.

Along with women of the area, there was a malnutrition problem in children. We undertook this challenge and created scheme against malnutrition. In this scheme, we searched for malnourished kids and given proper medicines to them and their mothers. As a result, more than 100 children from 12 villages are out of malnutrition.