Backyard Poultry acts as an ATM card for rural women!


Production by masses is more sustainable than mass production. Our backyard poultry experiment having the following conclusion.


Bhagirath has designed a small model of Backyard poultry having 10+1 Formula. (10 female and 1 male) 'Kaveri breed' has been selected because of the high yield of the egg. Kaveri breed gives about 180 eggs per hen after the initial growing period of 5 to 6 months.

Mrs Sejal and Mr Sanjay Kariwadekar from village Kariwade are rearing about 100 hens. They sell eggs to the local market of Sawantwadi city. Feed Cost per hen 3 Rs. per day. In a whole sell market, 6 Rs. per egg and retail market selling price of an egg is 8 to 10 rupees.

After initial case study Bhagirath conducted a one-day training program for woman SHG. Training includes Immunization, Nutrition, Debeaking, Shelter arrangement and overall management skill for poultry explain by our progressive farmer Mr Madhu Kande and Mr Pappu Thikar.


A small handbook for poultry acts as a permanent guide for a woman.

We are planning to rear about 1000 bird per village in a cluster approach. Feed as well as eggs can be collected like milk collection centre. If a woman invests Rs. 2,500/- in backyard poultry, she will gate about Rs. 5,400/- in a period of 18 months.


After the laying period, the hen can be sold out at Rs 200 per hen. If we compare this economy it appears to be small but when 100 women’s working in a group that growth will be more sustainable.

Backyard Poultry acts as an ATM card for rural women!